Why Franchise

People all over the world are turning franchises to help make their dream of owning a business a reality. Why? Because purchasing a franchised business presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to become successful business owners by taking advantage of a functioning business plan. As part of Watch Me Franchise.com, we hope to provide useful information to people who already have, or are considering purchasing a franchise business. Unfortunately, most people don’t fully understand all the benefits of owning a franchise business so we have put together the following list of some common reasons why people decide to take advantage of a franchise opportunity.

More Likely To Succeed Studies show that nearly 90% of all new businesses fail within the first three years, but by taking advantage of an already established business plan franchisees have much better success rates. A recent Gallup Poll found that over 94% of franchise owners considered themselves successful and over 75% would purchase their franchise again if they had to do it all over.Proven Track Record

Franchises generally have a proven track record, therefore they have well established business plans that will help potential franchisees turn profits quicker then they would with a new business. It’s not uncommon for franchise owners to create a cash flow almost immediately. Franchisors want to see your business succeed and will help you ensure that it does.

Ability To Research

Before investing in a franchise business, potential franchisees have the opportunity to thoroughly research a potential franchise before making a decision. With a new startup business people are always in the dark, no matter how much research they do it is impossible to predict all aspects of a new functioning business. However franchisors provide a wealth of information to potential franchisees then prepare and train them to operate their new business. Additionally, franchisors provide support to help franchise owners with whatever issues they encounter with their business.

Lower Advertising Costs

Advertising a new business can be very expensive, but with franchises business owners often see much lower advertising costs. In addition to providing you with detailed plans on local marketing, franchises will benefit from any marketing the parent company does on a national level.

Brand Recognition

By purchasing a franchise a business owner will be able to take advantage of instant brand recognition. Customers are more likely to trust a brand they are familiar with, and being associated with a nationally known brand will give a business owner instant customer opportunities, regardless of the businesses location.

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