About RDTC

Taxpayers across the country know the name Roni Deutch when it comes to taxes. Known by millions, tax attorney Roni Deutch has been seen on TV as the owner of the nation’s largest tax resolution law firm. However, Roni found that many of her client’s tax problems could have been avoided and stemmed from disorganized and unprofessional tax return preparation. Noticing this problem Roni opened the Roni Deutch Tax CenterTM to fill the need for professional tax return preparation. Roni knows each return has its own unique situation and has a team of highly competent tax professionals to find the maximum deductions and tax credits that each individual deserves.It’s a horrible feeling to face IRS debt; but for over sixteen years Roni Deutch and her team of attorneys have been fighting the IRS and saving their clients millions of dollars along the way. Roni has always had the goal, to provide competent and professional services to the millions of taxpayers in trouble with the IRS. With her hard work and her goal of helping millions, Roni took her firm from a one-bedroom apartment to now, the largest tax resolution firm in the nation. This key goal of hers is shown everyday to each individual client at our law firm.

Helping so many Americans fight IRS back taxes, Roni realized that many of her client’s problems were caused by unprofessional and sloppy tax return preparation. With Roni’s drive to help the American taxpayer she founded the Roni Deutch Tax CenterTM to help taxpayers avoid problems before they start, and to provide taxpayers with access to competent and professional tax return preparation services. Today, the Roni Deutch Tax CenterTM continues to expand through an amazing new franchise system. The Roni Deutch Tax CenterTM is committed to helping the American taxpayer of all income levels have access to trained tax professionals.

As Roni Deutch Tax CenterTM (RDTC) staff, we uphold a standard of professional excellence representing Roni Deutch. We are all dedicated to providing the best service available to our clients and continue to recognize that each situation is unique and should be treated that way.

The Roni Deutch Tax CenterTM is committed to helping the communities where we live and work. The Roni Deutch Tax CenterTM encourages its corporate employees and franchisees to become active in civic groups and charitable organizations. A charity near and dear to the heart of Roni Deutch is the Hannah Rose Foundation. Hannah Rose tragically died at the age of 1 ½ after allegedly being shaken to death by her babysitter. Hannah was Roni’s niece, who Roni loved and dearly misses. The Hannah Rose Foundation is committed to stopping child abuse and to warning parents of the danger of shaken baby syndrome. The Roni Deutch Tax CenterTM is a proud supporter of the Hannah Rose Foundation.

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