Posted by: Roni Deutch Staff | April 7, 2009

Spring Time Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Springtime brings sunny weather, beautiful flowers, and BBQs. It is also the time of year you see all kinds of advertisements evoking the spirit of spring and a fresh start. The season presents a great marketing opportunity for a business owner, especially if leveraged correctly. To help our readers keep their marketing strong this spring, we have put together the following top 8 list.

1. New services or products

In spirit of the new season, you should consider offering new services or products. Springtime brings the message of new opportunities and fresh starts, especially in a time of economic trouble. Customers tend to be much more willing to try out new things, and as a business owner you want to make sure to keep your services fresh and new.

2. Lighten your ads

Putting together advertisements relevant to the season and time can generate a lot of new customers. Write springtime related phrases, using keywords like “fresh start” and “spring cleaning” to get the attention of readers.

3. Springtime colors

Adding some colorful and inviting springtime decorations will help make your store feel like it fits in with the season. You could also consider putting some flowers and decorations outside of your store to attract more attention from by passers.

4. Easter Bunny photos

Just like with Santa’s during the winter season, you could consider having one of your staff members dress up like an Easter Bunny to take pictures with children. You could even schedule a special day to have the event and include it in your marketing materials.

5. Egg hunts

In addition to having photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny, you could also put together an egg hunt for children in the community. It can be a great way to meet families around your store, while promoting your business at the same time. You may want to talk to some of your business-neighbors to see if they will pitch-in to put together the event and also receive some of the benefit.

6. Spring specials

Spring sales pop up all over the place once the weather begins to brighten up. You could offer a “spring-cleaning” sale, or special discounts with a seasonal message. Create specials that will expire at the end of the season to make sure customers will come in sooner then later.

7. Refresh your web site

Giving your web site a new look, or innovative new features is another great way to start anew with the spring season. It will not only impress your existing clients, but also show new clients that you are up to date with technology and online marketing.

8. Tax refunds

April 15th is the tax deadline, which means thousands of people will be filing their taxes and receiving their refund checks from the government a couple weeks thereafter. Therefore you will want to encourage people to spend their tax refunds at your store by mentioning taxes or the IRS in your marketing materials.


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