Posted by: Roni Deutch Staff | December 29, 2008

10 Tips for a Stellar Small Business Grand Opening

Getting interested customers and clients to your new business may seem like a big task, but with the right opening week, it could be much easier than you think. Unfortunately, most new business owners are usually so stressed with getting their stores ready that they forget to plan for the proper opening. So to help the dozens of new Roni Deutch Tax Center® franchisees who are opening their doors in the next few weeks we have put together the following list of tips to help make your grand opening a stellar one!

1. Advertise

In the weeks before your grand opening, get your name out there as much as possible. Check out local newspapers, and websites like CraigsList to advertise the details of your grand opening.

2. Budget it

It can often be a good idea to put together a special budget just for your grand opening. After all, this is more than just a store opening—it has huge marketing potential as well. Make sure to include the costs of prizes, extra staff, food, and any other non-regular expense. As long as you keep yourself in check, your grand opening will be well worth its cost.

3. Extend your Hours

Open your store a couple hours early and stay open later to allow for more people to see what you have to offer. Boasting extended hours on your grand opening ads will help get more interested patrons in your door and observing your services.

4. Prizes

Nothing says come to our grand opening like free stuff! Having a contest, raffle, or door prize system set up is a great way to attract customers to your celebration. It is also a good idea to use prizes that involve your product or services, like coupons for discounted tax preparation services!

5. Sell with a Sale

Offer special sales, coupons or promotions during the first day or few days you are open. You can send out e-mails or newsletters with printable coupons, or simply have them available in the store. You should also go out of your way to be extra helpful and friendly with each client you meet so that they tell all their friends!

6. Staff Up

Because you are not sure how many people will be stopping by on your opening day, it might be a good idea to have all your staff working or available to come in. This extra help will help make the whole day run more smoothly and easily.

7. Know your Neighbors

Visit other businesses close to your store and present them with coupons and flyers for your opening. It is a great way to meet your neighbors and you could even offer to cross promote your stores with coupons or advertisements.

8. Provide a Service

Another great way to attract business is by including a charitable cause in your grand opening. You could offer to donate a certain amount of proceeds from your opening week to the community or setup a bin to accept canned food donations.

9. Invite Local Entertainment

If you are looking to save on costs, you could even invite a local high school band, Girl Scout troop, church choir, etc., to provide entertainment. This can be a get way to support your community, and will also provide entertainment to your customers.

10. Stay Informed

Whatever you end up doing for your grand opening, make sure that both you and your staff are highly trained on your products or services. People do not want to walk into a new business and speak to an uninformed person. It can even be a good idea to start training as early as a month before your opening, depending on your business, to assure they are properly trained ahead of time.


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