Posted by: Roni Deutch Staff | December 3, 2008

9 Hot Franchise Trends in 2009

Investing in a franchise is a huge decision for a new entrepreneur, and it is not something that should entered into lightly. Each year there are new trends that emerge in the franchise industry, but although these trendy businesses can deliver large profits, it is still important to pick a franchise business that you believe in. No matter how popular the latest trend is, if you heart is not being it then you will struggle to be successful.

To help the readers of our blog who are contemplating what type of franchised business to open, Watch Me Franchise has compiled the following list of franchise trends that are expected to be “hot” in 2009.

1. Woman-Focused Franchises

Franchises that focus on women and are run by women have grown a lot in popularity over the last year and are expended to continue to do so in 2009. These businesses can include anything from women’s health centers to women-targeted clothing stores.

2. Fun Food

Crazy food franchises have grown a lot trendier over the past year as well. By offering something different then the normal fast food like menu, these businesses can reach out to crowds that are tired of unhealthy, processed foods. Additionally, by letting consumers create their dishes, such as yogurt shops that let you create your own custom dessert, they can connect with customers of a more creative level.

3. Green Business

It is no surprise that green-thinking businesses made our list. Nowadays any business can be labeled “green” just by stating their cups are made of recycled materials or their food is organic. However, it is more than trendy, as green businesses often build very loyal customer bases that do not mind paying a “green” surcharge.

4. Pets

People have always loved their pets, but in recent years doting on your dog or cats has become increasing popular. Stores that offer accessories, clothes, food, and toys for pets have seen a decent increase in business over the last year, and that increase is expected to skyrocket in 2009.

5. Pampering Services

With the stress of the economy and long days at work, people are looking for the occasional release. Massage services, and fair-priced day spas are making a comeback and incorporating other trends along the way. Spas with natural or organic services attract business because wellness then natural way is so popular.

6. For the Kids

Businesses catering to the higher education of children are also expected to boom in 2009. Part of this is due to the second coming of the baby boom, but also because of the general falling faith in America’s education system. Tutoring services as well as after-school programs are both expected to be trendy franchises in 2009.

7. Business Help

As if it was not hard enough to start a new business, the current problems are making it even more difficult for new entrepreneurs. Businesses that offer a helping hand to these new business owners for a fee are doing pleasantly well. Whether it is helping with design and advertising, managing finances, or Internet marketing, these business concepts do well because they are helping other small business owners.

8. Home Improvement

Since the real estate market is expected to continue its decline into 2009, home improvement businesses have proved to be a fair alternative. Many homeowners are opting to remodel their homes instead of seeing for a loss, or foreclosing on their loan to buy a new house. Additionally, families that do move into foreclosed houses often need help making improvements to the property before they move in.

9. Year-Round Opportunities

Some franchises thrive off of seasonal business, but as the economy gets worse some of these franchise owners are seeking to keep their store open year round for additional business opportunities. Calendar franchises are offering stationary and supplies, Halloween stores are selling costumes and party supplies throughout the year, and tax preparation franchises, like the Roni Deutch Tax Center, are offering additional business services, to generate new customers throughout the year.



  1. I’ve definitely noticed this trend for the pet services at Camp Bow Wow (my dogsitting people).

    Every time I go back they have more and more dogs. It’s insane!

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