Posted by: Roni Deutch Staff | November 13, 2008

8 Tips for Writing a Help Wanted Ad

Service-related businesses thrive on hiring the right employees, and having a great team can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. As you will see in next week’s video, Scott has already begun his search for employees for the upcoming tax season. However, people often forget that one of the most important parts of finding a good employee is the help wanted ad that you post. This ad is the first interaction potential employees have with your business, so you want to make sure to take careful time preparing the ad.

1. Title with Care

The title of your ad is what grabs the attention of potential employees. You should make it both interesting and informative. Readers should be able to read it and understand the position fully (if they are qualified), as well as want to apply. A title that is unique and specific will attract unique and specific applicants.

2. Give History

Begin your ad with a little bit about your company or business. For example, you might include an explanation of how the business started, where it is now, and/or where it is going. This will also give your applicants a window to provide their own goals and understand their potential for a future with your business.

3. Application Process

Make sure to add clear instructions on how you would like applicants to apply. If you are nervous on the telephone or do not want to receive too many extra calls, specify to apply by e-mail only and provide the proper one for them to use.

4. List Qualifications

When listing job qualifications, list only the essential qualifications a candidate must have. Make sure to say they are required, and to give ample details about them. The more specific you are, the more qualified and specific the applicants will be.

5. Provide Hours

List in your ad what sorts of hours are available, or at least whether the position is full or part time. This way you will not have to sort through applicants that may not even be able to meet your time quota. Also, be sure to honor the hours you set: this is respectful to future employees.

6. Benefits

To attract applicants and encourage interest, be sure to list any benefits the position holds. This could range anywhere from “we’ll work around your school schedule,” to health care benefits or vacation time.

7. Get a Résumé

Make sure that your ad specifically asks candidates to send a résumé and cover letter. An ideal applicant will attach a résumé regardless, but an applicant who does not even attach one when asked can be skipped over entirely.

8. Be Personable

As important as it is to get your point across, it is also vital to be friendly and personable. You want to make sure that your ad attracts applicants who will make for valuable team members, and they might be turned off by an ad that is too stiff and un-personable.



  1. I’ve been working as a private housekeeper for the elderly for the last twenty years. I’ve found most of my customers by referral but now I’ve found it necessary to start advertising.

    Where do I get started? Should I start by handing out flyers and putting ads on community bulletin boards or is there a better quicker way to get a response?

    Please email me back at my email address. Any help will be appreciated.

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